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We are,  nomodo quarters



A Portmanteau of 3 important words that describe our philosophy and direction...

NO------The word NOvus means "new" in Latin.

MO------MOdus : a mode or method of procedure a way of doing something

DO------In ancient Rome, the DOmus  was the type of house occupied by the upper classes and some wealthy freedmen during the Republican and Imperial eras

NOMODO quarters was a natural progression for our parent company, R.A.S Seeing a void and a need within the housing industry for a modern, clean, well thought out design that was architecturally logical, as well as eco and geo responsible .

Keeping in mind that it should be cost effective, near 0 energy consumption compliant, and incorporate the latest in smart technology for worry free living and environmental control right from your phone.

Our building design assumptions account for a multitude of potential catastrophic situations that will protect from and reduce the effect FIREs, hurricane wind damage, to the prevention of rot mold and mildew from the damages of standing flood waters, seismic CHALLENGES , and entomological intrusions. With this aforementioned in mind, our “quarters” work amazing for people in NON-DISASTER regions as well !!

Our housing is semi-modular in nature and can be packed within the confines of standardized 40' shipping containers, so, that it can be delivered to a client’s home, job site, or DMZ. All while having a nominal impact to clients build site in terms of site waste and labor costs.

As for construction assembly costs, Dependent on the model, we start at a sub $100k for the 0.5-RSW studio model.. up towards mid $400k very well adorned with all amenities for the 4.0- SJU model. Soooo affordable for all benefits that are included.

Keep in mind we do have enhancements that will affect your insurance and utility costs bottom line.. ask us for more info.

Our experienced team augments this incredible lifestyle with its broad knowledge of framing, architectural design, production development, truss manufacturing, interior design combined with advisers in solar conscious, disaster relief and off the grid living methodology, we are more than proud to present our line of a new way to live... the NOMODO Way..


Head thinker / Aaron Robinson

Chief in charge of head thinker / S R Jordan

important guy 1 / B. Nephin

important guy 2 / K. Holden

important guy 3 / tba 1

important guy 4 / tba 2



FREE is good!

The following items are free design tools to help you through your project,

  • the design sheet prints best on 11x17 and the

  • spreadsheet open best in the newest version of excel.

  • The dictionary contains a plethora of terms commonly used throughout the industry.

    please give credit where credit is due and these are not for commercial sale or production  © 2018 NOMODO quarters

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A dictionary of construction terms to help you wade through all the jargon tossed around.

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An editable spreadsheet to keep track of your construction costs

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·  NOMODO quarters features the latest in smart technology from Samsung, controlling your lights, locks, iron, even fridge if need be. Monitoring your house while your away on vacation or if an intruder has broken, all control with your voice or from the comfort of your home.

· 100% resistant to rot and mold.  NOMODO MgO does not feed mildew, even after consistent and prolonged exposure to wet and/or damp conditions. Great for flood regions and camps by the water

·  Extremely resistant to both fresh and salt water, yet still allows a building to ‘breathe’.  This makes the product ideal for use in harsh coastal and humid environments.

·  Termite resistant. If you live in south why wouldn't you want this peace of mind.the  NOMODO MgO is completely resistant to any type of wood boring insect, such as termites, wood eating beetles, including but not limited to Common Furniture Beetles, the Waney Edge Borer, Ambrosia Beetles, Deathwatch Beetles, Wood Boring Weevils, Powder Post Beetles, House Longhorn Beetles and Forest Longhorns.  NOMODO MgO contains zero foodstuff for these insects.

·  Super thermally efficient structures with excellent R-Values up to R 55. This results in massive heating/cooling related energy savings of up to 80%.

·  Environment and people friendly.  NOMODO MgO possess no chemicals, VOC’s, formaldehyde, toxins, asbestos, crystalline silica that are detrimental to human health and is rated as “Zero Off-Gassing”.

·  NOMODO MgO is non-combustible and is 100% RESISTANT to fire.  It is rated as having zero flame spread and zero smoke developed.

·  Hurricane/tornado resistant: NOMODO SIPS are rated to withstand wind speeds in excess of 170 mph (274 km/h).To compound this we use a proprietary exterior polyurea coating that is impact proof and can withstand a near proximity blast of C4 explosives.. ( see video below)

·  Earthquake resistant:  NOMODO SIPS fare extremely well in seismic events when compared to traditional stick or metal framing techniques.

·  Speed on site:  Construction time on site is reduced by more than half, often 50% – 70% faster than traditional construction methods.

·  Extremely versatile: NOMODO SIPS can be incorporated into existing structures, residential or commercial, new build, concrete or steel framed buildings, warehouse, schools, hospitals and office buildings.

·  Fabrication Services:  Customers are given the option to take advantage of NOMODO’s fabrication services, where panels are cut and finished in our factory, further reducing time on site and eliminating costly mistakes associated with incorrect cuts on site.  Construction becomes more of an assembly exercise than a true construction one.


NOMODO 0.5v-spec sheet.jpg

Uber Modern, soloist model clean, simple well thought out design
Entry level model - sub $100k

NOMODO 2- spec sheet.jpg

Uber Modern, 2 bedroom clean, simple well thought out design
Besties level model - sub $200k

NOMODO 4.0 spec sheet.jpg

Uber Modern, 4 bedroom clean, simple well thought out design
Party level model - sub $400k

NOMODO 1v-spec sheet.jpg

Uber Modern, 1 bedroom clean, simple well thought out design
Couple level model - mid $100k

NOMODO 3-spec sheet-07112018.jpg

Uber Modern, 3 bedroom clean, simple well thought out design, Family level model - high $200k

the good and the better...


Features ALL MODELS:

  • Modern, clean, simple well thought out design

  • MgO S.I.P design

  • Steel floor truss system

  • Low “E” high impact windows and doors

  • Solar powered

  • Elevated const.

  • Automated lighting

  • 0 job site waste

  • Everything shipped modular in engineered shipping containers

  • High end appliances standard

  • Dade county hurricane approved and seismic resistant

  • Elevated on concrete commercial grade reinforced piers

  • 14 day construction and 30 day move in

  • Friends and family envy (no extra charge)

  • Onsite construction time greatly decreased

  • Can construct all year round

  • Zero flame spread, zero smoke contribution, 1-2 hour fire rating

  • Fires will not spread from a structures exterior to interior or vice versa

  • Highly energy efficient

  • Offers structural superiority and extremely durable

  • Solutions for external finishing which can be very cost affective

  • Can eliminate the use of concrete when combined with a steel footing

  • Available in a range of different sizes and thicknesses

  • The construction process results in fewer thermal breaks

  • Utility costs will be greatly decreased, structures require smaller HVAC system

  • Panels are resistant to mold and mildew

  • Virtually VOC free – no off-gassing

  • Can create cost savings throughout a project

  • NOMODO's panel system is a green build technology


Benefits ALL MODELS:


  • Offsite manufacture of windows, walls, cabinets, joists, has eliminated 90% construction waste

  • S.I.P design has numerous benefits, including: flying object impact resistant,

  • Rot resistant, insect proof, STC rating of over 50, and over 4 hours fire proof rating for complete SIP panel.

  • Steel flooring system is salt, weather and age resistant to wear and depredation.

  • Solar independence results in sell back to the “GRID”

  • Hurricane and earthquake proof by engineered design won’t blow down like the 3 little pigs…








extruded steel floors

  • Upgrades ALL MODELS:

  • Rollup hurricane shutters

  • Gaggenau appliances

  • Closed cell insulated main floor joists

  • 24/7 video off site monitoring